Sunday, March 01, 2009

Such A Perfect Day

Ekenäs how can I ever replace you ? I don't want to leave this beautiful town, but I don't have any choice but to leave. Lately I've been wondering how my life could have been if I had not moved to Finland. Imagine me growing up in Iraq and only think of marriage, study and how to learn be a good housewife.. I wouldn't probably be interested in art, photography, cinemas or broaden my horizon. You see my family came from a small town, if you can call it that. I guess I would be living in some birdcage and not to be enthusiastic to learn new stuff or learn about other cultures.
Sometimes it's not that black and white. Who knows. Maybe I would've
been interested in visual arts. I just know I'm one of the lucky one's for living here in Finland. As much as I respect my roots, I consider myself as a finnish person. I've grew up here and my heart is where my home is.


samae said...

dude, no offense to iraq but finland is pretty fucking awesome country(even there are, and always will be, all the assholes moaners who are just focusing on complaining how finland sucks and everything is so bad there-fuck them, this text is one more reason to love that unsophisticated takapajula:D) not the biggest or the first and coolest but still fucking AWESOME

Anonymous said...

tämä on todella kaunis teksti!

haluun antaa sulle pusun poskelle ja itkeä. oon niin iloinen että sun perhe aikoinaan muutti Suomeen ja me tutustuttiin.