Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sittin' on a tree

Well it's true. It feels like I'm totally disconnected from everyhting. Disconnected from internet, disconnected from my photographs and disconnected from this blog. That's why I haven't been here for a long time. Maybe it's a good thing, that I haven't been on the computer a lot. I've been taken walks just before the sunset. It feels great.
I should start painting and drawing outside more. Here I am, sitting at school's computer class. Later I chose some important courses for my future. Future. I think in the future I will graduate as an cleaner lady at some school just to get some money in my pocket.

I hope I can travel a lot. Help some people in the way and just enjoy of every small things I can find! Hopefully you can do the same.


Anonymous said...

Ei. Sun tietokone lakkosi ei ole hyvä juttu!


Toimisipa modeemisi pian!
Me misses you.

Halle said...

NO EI NIIN. Kukaan ei auta mua korjaamaan sitä:(

Me miss you too!

Marian said...

what beautiful photos,
have a lovely day.