Wednesday, May 20, 2009

birdies do sing

Summer, oh summer. Bring me the melody of trees. The lovely smell of morning grass. haha, before and kinda still hate the smell of it. Yesterdays grass smelled nice, enough of that. I didn't really enjoy last summer because of the work. This year no work only fun ! I think this will be the last summer here in Ekenäs, Finland. Then eyes upon Helsinki and bye bye to childhood. I will be happy to move to Helsinki. No more waking up early. No more stressing about trains etc. Oh, and I bought my first festival ticket ever to real big festival.haha. I know, how lame can I be. Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Placebo, Supergrass, Veto and Emiliana Torrini are coming to Provinssirock + some finnish bands too ! Aah, I'm so excited. Hope you'll too experience some livemusic this summer !My goofy friend, Anni.

P.S Sorry for not posting for a while, I didn't have anything to write about because stressing out of school.
© Haliz Muhilden Yosef


Linda said...

jeaaa tuut kans provinssii!
meitsikin näiltä näkymin. vi måste baila tillsammans

Halle said...

haha, todellaki ! VI måste baila o VI kommer att baila !

vienna said...

update update update darling ! even i updated : DD

Gulzar said...

came to your blog after ages!
whats cookin these days?

how are you keeping?
what is new with you?

keep in touch!
warm regards

samae said...