Saturday, October 31, 2009

empty thoughts and pretty face Sandra

I haven't written anything about my feelings or about my life that much because there's nothing to write about. I'm busy with my art diploma. I'm stressed. 'Cause I can't paint with oil colours. I'm busy doing nothing.
Yesterday was fun ! I saw my childhood friends(RANDOM) at playground. There was emperatron horror bash at playground, so I dressed up as a dead pin-up girl and got in free. I was totally drunk. I chain-smoked. Talked deep thoughts with people you really don't know. Drama is my middle name. And yes oh yes, I danced a lot. That was my work out of the month.
Enjoyed it every minute !
P.S My friends took my camera, because I was way drunk. That's why I don't have any pictures of that night!

I took these pictures on fall break or whatever you may call it. I don't really know Sandra that much, but so far she seems genuine. kind. silly. deep. I got better pics than these, but it's way over 12 o'clock. I need food
and Mulder & Scully !
G night!


The Gossip Eye said...

Beautiful photos!
You have a nice blog.

Greetings from Spain!

Halle said...

aaww thank you !

xx halle