Wednesday, November 04, 2009

weird talk

I feel like I have had a dark cloud above my head, let's say I've had it all my life ?
No matter what I do, something bad comes around from the corner. When something good. positive comes follows only bad. I've always prepared myself for these situations. I think to myself and I say: " Don't get too excited. It's too good to be true." That sentence sounds like I'm a negative person, but NO. I'm not. I'm positive and energetic. Maybe these kind of stuff happens to me after the actions I haven't thought thru...I don't know. I don't get it. I don't expect you'll get it. It's hard to explain these stuff. Especially for me, because I simply just don't know how to express myself with words. And I have accepted this. As you can see...I can only express myself with photographs. Don't they say " A picture is worth a thousand words "/picture taken at café bulevardi, Helsinki/


Psicodélica said...

And you can express a lot of sensations with your photos...
I really like it.

:) Congratulations from Spain!

Halle said...

wow thanks a lot ! :)