Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Lately I've been busy making my art project, busy having fun and busy DOING NOTHING at all.
I've been also wondering about humanity and how does this world run.
That basically we all human are shallow, we have always been like that. I'm being realistic.
As long as we have lived, we've been told to admire that ideal figure or an ideal person.
Or admire their pride when he's/she's
above other people.
It's been like this for many centuries, I mean if you look back into egyptian farao history
you can see that people admired those who were in
a high position.
Now this is the 21st century and on the surface we "look beyond" those professions
but really deep down we're not.
When you think where does this road lead us.
You have to think it clearly.
Do you want to become like them ?
When I see those kind of people, they somehow put up an show
or an shield.
When you're thinking " oh wow, he/she is so interesting ",
but in reality they're not. I've noticed that.
And then I realized how stupid I was thinking they we're interesting.
In my opinion you don't get that often to meet genuine interesting people.
I've met probably 2 or 3 interesting people in my life.
So I suggest you think deeply when or if you really meet an interesting person.

pictures taken in Tavastia, Helsinki

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