Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Me and Astri flying around in the galaxy. it was fun. I miss the stars. They take you to a special place where you can wish for anything and they remind you that in the darkest hours there's always a light which guides you to a better place.
Here in Finland is difficult to see stars, in summer you can't see anything, 'cuz of there's daylight all night long and then in winter it's the heavy grey clouds which covers them.
That's why I remember when I was little in Iraq, we used to sleep up on the roof where there were huge beds with long white nets. And the sky is filled with beautiful stars. That's how strong my memory is.

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aya said...

heeeieiie, sul on kans tosi kivoja blogeja täällä blogissaa! x

Halle said...

kiittii ! :--))