Saturday, March 13, 2010

a beautiful saturday with the smiths

"Good times for a change, see the look I've had can make a good man look bad"
so please. please.please. let me. let me. let me get what i want,
"'cause lord knows it could be the last time."
-The smiths

Do you feel sometimes like you've been to lazy take a chance ? Do you feel like you've not been spontaneous ? Do you feel like you take the smallest deed for granted ? Then listen to the Smiths. It'll inspire your soul more. It will take you to a whole new journey. Sometimes my friends get annoyed of me being "too spontaneous". What's "too spontaneous" anyway? I'm happy that I am sometimes "too spontaneous" haha. Because how cliche this might sound, it's still the truth. You only have one life. You don't get to live twice or ten times. Enjoy while you can despite religion, culture, sex, people talking shit, your parents. Your life ain't theirs. Remember that.

A picture of a strong and wise woman, my mom.
© Haliz Muhilden Yosef


Anonymous said...

everyone should adore you

and i love the picture

Halle said...

haha thank you !

ps. it's nice to get comments sometimes