Sunday, March 28, 2010

The story of my life

The thing is that my dear brother "accidentally" deleted all of my pictures that I've took from past 5 years while he tried to "fix" my computer. Basically my world fell down and i literally cried two days before my big history exam and to the top of that i had a cold. All those memories went down in the flush and those pictures were irreplaceable, but hey what's done it's done. I just want to go out and take more and more photographs! Last friday i did the exam. Bought alcohol to drown my sorrow haha. And went to redrum to dance.drink.smoke.people. And by far the best gig night at redrum, especially tek-one!
So the alcohol, cigarettes and my friends
the gig made my day!

ps. i was literally awake for 24 h and got 3 h of sleep. Ate mcdonald's food on an alley. walked from redrum to pikku huopalahti, which felt like 3232987 miles to me. and we were 7 am @ my friends apartment, but the sunrise was awesome.

pps. sorry for the shit quality! I didn't take my nikon,
so i settled with this digital camera +
i don't have ps cs3 no more:(


Minä vaan said...

Oh shiiit jos mulle olis käynyt noin olisin varmaan tappanut itseni ja/tai veljeni.

Halle said...

Mä olin kyl lähel tappaa mun veljee haha, trust me!