Saturday, March 06, 2010


"For once in ur life don't live in a cube.
Just gimme my control back or i'll talk about
drugs. sex. and the worst one, politics.
Nobody needs to hear someone talking bullshit.
And yet for some reason. people still sit in front of this cube and not realizing how it affects on you.
I'm jealous of my friend, Rosa, because she doesn't watch tv. doesn't care.
I can admit that I enjoy tv and that my friends makes me a bullshitter."

clips are from I'm not there-film and subs are in finnish.
#2: "Boy you should come down from there! You're gonna get yourself killed."
#4: "You can be a real asshole, you know that."
#5: "You used to be funny."


M said...

Hei tiedätkö ton aurinkolasipäisen pojan nimeä?/Do you know the name of that boy with sunglasses?

Halle said...

Se on itseasiassa nainen haha. Cate Blanchett, i know she's hot