Thursday, April 01, 2010

different reflection

Like all bloggers write about, "oh god how fun was it at lunch and especially look at these pictures, they're red tomato's and they match my red lips!". The other day me and my friend, Niilo, talked and kinda criticized fashion bloggers of why all of them are the same and how all of them praise Kate Moss...she's so overrated.
And how they're not being genuine or honest of it. Like they're afraid of telling the truth, if they really don't like of a specific model or a fashion designer etc. I guess they don't want to upset their precious readers. And they always want more and more.
Since all of my old pictures was erased, welcome the new ones I took from Niilo.


vienna said...

i love the last pic. i really good facial expression.

Halle said...

thanks babe!

how are you doing across the planet ? did you survive from my terrorist cousins ?


vienna said...

yes indeed i did. got stuck in dallas for a while because i missed my flight from new york... it was HORRIBLE. big fat americans. i'm doing great ! got to post on my blog more often now.

Halle said...

mmm, juicy big fat americans, who can resist ! Good, love ur pictures.
update update! i like ur bloggg.

I'm happy for you when ur happy now! <---did that make sense ? haha