Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It was friday night. My friends turned 20
and it was Walpurgis night.
What a crazy night/morning.
Drank champagne and ate a traditional walpurgis dinner with sameli's folks.
Drank lots of cheap bad red wine and ate cake at milla's & miska's bday.
Drank shots with Lisa and the gang at 9bar.
Spent all my money hoping there would be played good music, emperatron vs top billin' vs cloud9 played music
and may I say, emperatron sucked! There went my 15 e!
Ran far away from redrum to an swedish pub,
there i drank some shots with Lisa and the gang again
and sang to the beats of the backstreet boys song.
Shitty place, but the people there made me laugh.

Ate pizza in 5 am.
played with balloons in 5 am.
ran as hell to catch the train in 6 am.
All in all everyone had a blast, including me.

©Haliz Muhilden Yosef 2010

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