Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh god, How can I leave this beautiful town ?
In the summer it's beautiful.
In autumn as well.
Winter is just and just ok.
Spring is ok too.
Here's Lisa and we had a typical day.
Sittin' in "baywatch" café (yes, it's called baywatch. don't ask me why) drinkin' some cider and me chain smokin some more.
Laughed as hell as always expected of us.
Too bad the weather has been kind a cold these days.
I just wanna go to the beach and SWIM.
I love water.
I hope i'll become a fish, dolphin or a whale in the next life.
Tomorrow I'm heading with this crazy girl to a little beach
and drink, smoke, grill some juicy sausages. yum.
And of course listen to some reggae music.
I seriously don't get why some people hate this genre.
well enough talking/typin' whatever.
© Haliz Muhilden Yosef 2010

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