Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love her freckles and her beauty.
Life has been a bit complicated these days.
I have no money.
And not much to do.
The top of that, my cigarettes will be out soon.
Ah, hate when people are complaining in their blogs and I'm
one of them.
People seem to forget stuff easily. It's so weird when people are watching a documentary of someone else's life and how much of a strong impact they get while watching it. 5 minutes later they've forgot what they've seen and life goes on.
I'm tired of this superficial life. And how some of the media are showing kids that money makes the world go round. And how without money u're nothing. That's sick.

Shit. If i don't have anything to do. It's because I'm not making anything happen'. So bye fellas, i'm going out somewhere. Maybe I'll be friends with strangers and be strangers to my friends.

© Haliz Muhilden Yosef

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