Monday, July 05, 2010

I miss these guys and Helsinki nightlife and most importantly i miss my life there. I hate the fact that i'm broke and how some people in this town are so fake.
Trying to get to know them, but no. You got at least to know them for "10 years so they can call you as their friend". how pathetic is that? i'm a very social person and i like to get to know to new people. So that's why I sometimes get confused by this kind of behavior from them. Don't get me wrong. I love to be all alone as well, but it's just not fun to be almost all alone in this godforsaken town. So now I'm searching for an apartment from Helsinki.
This is a beautiful town and full of life, but my life is in Helsinki. And who knows ? Maybe I'll move to another country after school.

Even when i'm moving to Helsinki, i'll always come to this little town. It can be my "hamptons" hehehs.


PEARL said...

tahkns!!!! rentoi fotoi löyty täältä. torkkeli power!!!hahaa

Halle said...

hahahah näin on !!