Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One of the best weekends ever. Thanks to these guys and to many more ! Friday was awesome. Went to Kallio pubs and drank some cheap shots, later that night we went to Tavastia, Helsinki. There was emperatron ep release party. The people were fun and the music...hmm. After that we went to my friends huge mansion to continue the good mood and stuff. We sang karaoke, bad karaoke.
On Saturday i just wanted to sleep but my friends wanted me with them to town on some shopping hunt. I got a phone call and my friend, Lisa, decided for good to come to Helsinki. We went to siltanen at first, but it was kind a crowded and on the tram stop I bumped into one of my friend. After we got to the destination we bumped into random people and we figured out that they were some old classmates of Lisa's.
Then we bumped into Eela at 9bar. After that we went to Nolla and drank some more shots and of course i got drunk...So we headed to Playground to dance on some hard-core dub-step. No. This is not some "hipster" stuff, because im no hipster and those people can go fuck themselves. I like dub-step because i have listened to reggae almost all my life. After that we met more random people and we went to a place called Roska, the whole place is recycled. There we met my old friends.
4 am: My phone died. Lisa and I went to a park waiting for her train to leave.
6 am: I thought the bus would go at 6 am.
7 am: I've waited for an hour alone at the bus station. People were trying to get my msn and didn't want to leave me alone. But the bongo drums sounded comforting. Then I realized that how am i going to get in to my friends apartment without a phone ? So i hopped to an another bus and was 7:30 am at my friends house. Oh, and it was her mother's birthday. Nice going.
Sunday i packed but then I thought why not leaving on Monday ? So i stayed for another night. All in all the weekend was great and in a long time very random.
ps. did i mention that I haven't slept than just 5-6 hours that weekend ?

Now i'm back in this god forsaken town. nice.

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Anonymous said...

Baby mulla on puhelin pöllitty (ja kaikki muukin siinä samassa,laukku,lompakko,kengät,vaatteet yms.) ja oon ollu duunissa ja nyt vapaalla vähä aikaa ja oon jopa laskenu täs vähä matikka (wow).Oon poistanu fb jo aika kauan sitte meni hermot!:D mut hei lähetä sun puhelinnumero mulle osoitteeseen loone1(at) niin mä soitan sulle jostain ja sit sovitaa millon nähdään vaik ens viikolla?! ougei ?! puspus, laura. ps. ihania noi teiän kuvat! minä mukaan!