Friday, August 20, 2010

dead inspirations

Joonas & Juho from school 2010.

Forgot that I even have these photos. Just going through my computer and found so many photos that I haven't even posted in my blog.
I haven't got anything better to do, cause i got a flu.

Flow was awesome. Especially m.i.a gig. Caribou was good, but not as great as they could have been. Their surround sound system was awful but still I enjoyed it. Hey, it was caribou!
And the big finale-the xx=aah, what a band.
Was disappointed at myself, 'cause i couldn't make it to major lazer gig! thanks to my 12 cm wedge heels.

Oh, and my film camera broke in the middle of m.i.a's gig! fuck. I managed to get ONE photo of her.

I was thinking of taking a break from photography, since my two cameras broke and I need beautiful inspirations.
Lately I've been very confused on everything and doubting my skills behind the camera.

And gotta save money for a new camera and for a trip to London!!!


Anonymous said...

aasi, oot hyvä kuvaa. t.frida

Halle said...

niinpä aasikin osais paremmin ku mä.
en, en ooo.

mut oot rakas