Thursday, October 14, 2010

black feathers and such


Sorry for not posting for a while. been busy with life. mostly with school---FINALLY I GRADUATED FROM UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS.
Feels weird knowing that you're not an art student no more. or a student at all. so what am I now ? Unemployed? yes.
Gotta find a job so that i could find an apartment and money to travel from this god forsaken town to Helsinki, where LIFE is.

PS. I forgot to mention, I'm gonna teach little kids to paint and draw at my old preschool.


Hanna said...

love feathers.

Anna said...

ohwow gorgeous.

Halle said...

thank you, she is!

Anonymous said...

NO She isnt. and her bf Antti asked me for a date yesterday.

Halle said...