Sunday, October 03, 2010

this and that

Eilo and Sandra.
Took this last spring. No worries, I'll post some freshly new one's the day after tomorrow.

Lately I've been really disappointed at myself.
School's not going really good. I've been a slack for years and I don't understand why, because of new friends and people maybe ?
I know i'm smart and all, but i don't push myself hard enough. Everything's hectic in my life. Maybe It's a good thing though?
I make each day count. Making every day to be the greatest day of my life. Not planning what i should do the next day. taking the day as it comes and making it better by enjoying small and simple things. Like taking a walk in the forest or just sitting at small caf├ęs alone drinking coffee and listening what other people are saying by "accident" of course.

Make each day count.

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