Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paid my dad a visit

Many of you probably don't know that
my father passed away 3 years ago.

Yesterday was the first time in a long time
when I visited his grave.

I never really knew my father that much
and didn't see him that often,

but whenever I saw him it felt like
he was the only one who truly knew

and understood me.
It felt good to visit him, 'cuz
believe it or not there was so much
love at the graveyard.
There was an old man who came to visit his wife
and there was a boy who came to visit his mom.

Even though the memories are painful,
there's also beautiful ones.


Johanna said...

Jätte fin text och fina bilder också :)

Halle said...

Oi tack !! :)

Bichoune said...

very well said :)

Anonymous said...

you inspire me.

Halle said...

thank you and you welcome.