Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Sorry for not posting anything a while.
Been busy with everything.

Here are some new one's, enjoy !
Gonna post more pictures later.

It's always fun to have fun in the shower with a camera.


Anonymous said...

love your photos!!!!!! what kind of camera you use and do you use photoshop?

Halle said...

Oh thank you ! I use a Nikon d40 with a 50mm lens, haha yeah I use photoshop, but haven't edited all of these photos with it (:

Peangu said...

ootko saanu näin hienot värit kuvii lisäämättä ees hippusen saturaatioo ? :D nice (Y)

Halle said...

Haha kiitti! En oo lisänny saturaatiooo. Se on vaa mun kiva kamera, joka tuo värit esiiiiiin. photoshoppasin vaa hiukset vähä magentaX

Vanamo said...

meri on niin kaunis!!!!