Thursday, January 06, 2011

new year's always is a bitch

Happy new year guys!
Hope you had a blast on the last day of 2010 and blast on the first day of 2011.
Tonight I'm feeling like searching the guy who has an functional time-machine. Hop on it and go to the 60's and be friends with
dylan, donovan and fellow blues brothers.
I've always thought which decade would be interesting to experience,
50's because of jimmy dean,
60's because of dylan.
The most interesting part would be me remembering on 2012, a year from now, of all the things I've done.
Just like today've been reminiscing what kind of stuff has happened in 2010. Stuff that i regret, but also would've regret not doing them.

Cecilia back from 2009.


Vanessa said...

vitsi så vacker tös!

Halle said...

Det är hon faktiskt! Men själv tycker hon inte, nej huh huh.