Friday, March 04, 2011

Astri. I call her pastry.
It rimes with her name and it describes her very well,
she's sweet and delicate.
One of a kind.
Missing summer and everything in between.
Started my job at elementary school(finally)
This first week was hectic, but wonderful.
I love kids. Noticed that I'm still not that comfortable
around my old teachers. It's so strange. Yup, I graduated 4 years ago from the same elementary school I work at. Thank god i can hang out with my kind, children.


Kirsikka said...

ihana värimaailma noissa kuvissa

Veronika said...

ihania kuvia!

Halle said...

Kiitän !!!

Tim Kiukas 18 said...

Ei hitto noi kuvat on niiin hienoja! iha sika kiva tunnelma niis! ohh<3

Veronika said...

!!!! second pic is beautiful!

Halle said...

Thank you guys for ur lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

i see nothing new or interesting in your pics. same old shit.